~ I'm Here to Crush the Overwhelm ~

I'll help you free up time to focus on working in the heart and soul your business to grow it the way you want (and skip the endless supply of tedious busy work).


Get the backend of your WordPress working seamlessly by using the right plugins, enhance your SEO, optimize your images, speed up your load time and more.


You need a travel professional that knows how to deal with press trip and product review requests, guest post management, email campaign organization and more (all while getting your inbox under control).


Get your Pinterest presence SEO optimized + a successful management strategy in place using Tailwind. I can also help set-up, manage & maintain your overall social media presence while focusing on engagement and reach.


Enlist the help of a published travel writer/blogger and content marketer with experience writing blog content, email marketing messages, web copy, magazines, and travel guidebooks. If it needs words, I can write it.

Hi, I'm Susan

(Hi! Here I am in Nicaragua getting some travel biz work done on a work/life vacation.)

When I first became a travel writer and digital marketer over 10-years-ago, I thought I had "made it". I quickly landed on dozens of press trips, got published on blogs and websites and landed work in eight travel guidebooks, Global Traveler Magazine, The LA Times, The Boston Globe, The Australian, Off Metro, Mothering, Amazing Wellness, NY Metro Parents, Family Vacation Survival Guide and others. My years as a social media consultant included projects for major Broadway tours, Dreamworks, big travel brands and more.

But something was missing. I'm a person that craves one-on-one connection and helping other's succeed.

On the side, I was already spending years quietly helping other writers and tourism pros get their businesses off the ground as extra freelance work or favors. I love tweaking WordPress sites, overhauling query letters and website copy, working on PR and influencer outreach emails, responding to audience emails and press trip invitations, strategizing social media engagement, and diving in as a creative Jill of All Trades. I feel at home when I'm juggling lots of projects at once and not just ones that are exclusively about propelling my own career and content forward.

Then when a friend got in touch and asked if I wanted to help a tourism company in Florida get up and running in social media and content marketing, it hit me. 1) I was insanely excited at this prospect. 2) There are almost no virtual assistants and creative managers out there for travel bloggers and tourism business owners who actually get the unique nuances of the industry. I decided to align more of my career around helping this talented and tireless group of people thrive.

Growing and running a travel blog or tourism business is hard work, but you don't have to do it all on your own. Hire someone that gets it, can help turn your ideas into reality, and connect the dots for you. When I'm working on all of those time-consuming tasks that take away from your real labor of loves, you get to focus on your zone of genius and what makes you feel fulfilled.

Want to jump right in? Check out my Services & Rates page to learn how I can help. Once you’re there, you can fill out a client discovery questionnaire when you’re ready to get started.